3D Scan Stone

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3D Scan Stone


3D Scan Stone

   Scannable & ultra hard type 4


SNOW ROCK recommends the premium ISO TYPE4 3-D SCAN STONE formulation used in conjunction with CAD/CAM technology in Dental Labs. With properties of high compressive strength, extremely low setting expansion (0.08%), and a longer pouring time (7min.) enough to handle multiple cases, 3-D SCAN STONE provides the best optical configuration for the optimum scanning surface while the opt-electronic/laser
scanners work.

  • Saving time and man power by applying high technology CAD/CAM System -Time creator
  • High compressive strength / Extremely low expansion / Super precision / No dusting before data input model accomplished by super-fine powder for perfect laser scanning
  • Suitable for every impression material and conventional Dental Lab, i.e. Processes like crown and bridge


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